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Tell me your knitted life

For 2023 the Framework Knitters Museum is partnering with the Knitted Lives project to capture as many stories about knitters and knitting as we can.

What are you making, for who?  How does knitting make you feel?  Who do you knit with & where?  Where did you learn?  We want to know about your knitted wonders and knitted disasters as well as the woolly items that are loved and those that are loathed. 

Anyone is welcome to share their perspective and stories regardless of knitting abilities or the lack of them.

Each month the Knitted Lives project will provide a different knit-related prompt on Instagram for you respond to. The only requirement is to include the hashtag #myknittedlife so everyone can find, like, comment on, and share posts. Follow to find out more, and be the first to find out the prompt each month.  Tell your friends – the more stories we have, the better.


Next Event

The Knitted Lives project will be at the Stitch Festival in London in March 2023.

Come and write your thoughts on knitting on the graffiti wall.

See the weird and wonderful objects made by other knitters; anything from glass knitting to underpants for action men.

Discover stories about knitting from architects, politicians, nurses, fishermen, schoolgirls and grannies.

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