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Teresa – tested yarn for a living

I got married and so I became Mrs Sample, the sample knitter.  I sat knitting all day with yarn that came from abroad, that the Directors got from yarn fairs.  They would bring new yarns like boucle cotton, or yarns with a coloured thread wrapped through them, or pure angora, all sorts of things were placed on my desk. 


Jen P – appreciates others’ expertise

Whatever we were doing on Saturday we would stop at 5 o’clock and watch Robin Hood.  We’d sit on the sofa, and if it was winter we would be covered up with a blanket and we would have something we’d been eyeing up all day; a little bottle of orange juice.  Then we would be knitting, my sister and I, my mother too. 

Matthew – a critically endangered frame knitter

A few years ago I was the only frame knitter left, with 20 machines to use.  It takes months and months of practice, slowly building up, to learn how to do one thing and gain control over the machine. I started building up a team of enthusiasts from scratch that’s now up to 7-8 people.

Vanessa – enjoys knitting small, kitsch and pointless things

Now I want to knit with dusters, as part of the Domestic dusters project that I’ve been running since 2014.  I chose a duster because it hasn’t been adorned like aprons or tea towels. I initially created a set of dusters with fairy tales on, then opened it up to see if other people wanted to contribute to the project.  It sort of hasn’t stopped since then.