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Laurence – tried knitting once

My action man had salmon pink knitted pants…..  You couldn’t get his trousers on over the top.

Recollections of Knitting: Knitting was something you did in front of the TV, mummy generally would be sitting there with a ball of wool for whatever she was making.  We had American students renting a room for a while and they ended up being shown and one of them made a woolly hat.  I remember he had a beard, and somehow managed to chip one of my front teeth on his belt buckle when we were horsing around. They got started, so I had a go.   I was about 13, it wasn’t difficult was it?  I made a scarf in mouldy green out of whatever odd balls of wool were in the drawer.  We all had whichever colour wasn’t too disgusting.

I remember that my action man had salmon pink vest and knitted pants and my brother James’ was blue and were crocheted.  You couldn’t get their trousers on over the top as they were so thick.  It ended up as some kind of baby romper suit.  We had crochet hammocks as well.  James’ was brown in the middle with a blue border and blue strings.  I think mine was red.  They had pyjamas too made of swirly bright seventies fabric and a dressing gown from red corduroy. 

I did have a jumper with a policeman on, I remember the figure quite vividly, a bit like a keystone cop with a hat with a star on it.  It had a long hairy, brown, wool moustache, which was tickly.  I have no sense of the jumper though.  Then I had an animal jumper which were the rage at the time, I remember that my sister had an Arran one in cream coloured wool and I had a pastoral scene.  The whole jumper was light blue to be the sky, then some green fields on the tummy bit and there was a couple of clouds, a sun and there were also some sheep on it.  She had one first, then mummy knitted me one afterwards. 

Attempting to knit: I’m not having this as my sample square for the exhibition.  That’s not fair.  I should be allowed to mess it all up on my own.  If I’m invited to the show, I could be the ‘before’.  I’m just concentrating on what the two pointy bits at the end are doing.  I need to shove it (the stitches) up the needle a bit more.  Presumably there’s a better technique than jamming the end of the stick in your stomach?  It feels like I should be at the end now (of the row), I must be creating more stitches somehow.  I think that needs to be emphasised, that its chopsticks and string, that’s what’s making it so lumpy.  One stick is fatter than the other one, which is making it sticky.  The tension’s a bit tight, and the string’s not exactly the same width.  Plus I haven’t got my glasses on, (though) I can see what I’m doing, just about.  I suppose I can always unpick it and start again if it goes that badly.


Published by jencableart

Jen Cable is a mixed media textile artist who loves to draw attention to the outmoded, fabulous, awful and bizarre aspects of culture and everyday society

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